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Elite Body for the 3rd year in a roll, our gym has gotten the prestigious award of excellence in Hyper Knife treatment. We are incredibly proud to be the best in the business, earning the trust of our valued customers and showcasing our exceptional skills.

We are thrilled to be the only salon outside of Japan to received this distinguished honour. This recognition further underscores our commitment to delivering top notch services and pushing boundaries of quality in the fitness industry.

A cutting-edge Japanese technology with a high-frequency output of 1MHz, which distinguishes it from other similar machines on the market. The key features and benefits of the Hyper Knife machine are as follows:

Fast Body Warming

The 1MHz high-frequency technology allows the body to warm up quickly, making it more effective than other machines. This rapid warming is beneficial for various applications.

Muscle Relaxation and Rehabilitation

The machine also functions as a massager, helping to loosen tight muscles. Reduced tension in the body can accelerate the flushing of toxins and is particularly effective for reducing stubborn cellulite.

Skin Rejuvenation

When used on the face, the Hyper Knife machine rejuvenates collagen cells, removes toxins, and significantly improves skin texture and tone. Instant results are reported in some cases after just one session.

Spot Reduction

The machine's high-frequency technology allows for precise targeting of specific areas without spreading heat to other regions. This enables spot reduction, where you can focus on toning specific areas of the body.

Quick Temperature Reach

The machine can rapidly reach the desired temperature, reducing treatment time significantly.

Improved Blood Circulation and Lymphatic Flow

The technology improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow, which aids in detoxification and overall health.

Certification and Expertise

Elite Body is the only gym outside Japan to introduce the latest Hyper Knife 6 model. It has been certified as an excellent store overseas by Wamu Japan, which is a recognition of the salon's knowledge and skills exceeding manufacturer recommendations.

Qualified Personal Trainers

Elite Body's treatment is performed by qualified Personal Trainers who understand the body's mechanics. They also incorporate lymphatic drainage techniques to efficiently flush waste products, water, and reduce fat while clearing cellulite.

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In summary, the Hyper Knife machine is a state-of-the-art technology that offers a range of benefits, from fast body warming to toxin removal, muscle relaxation, skin rejuvenation, and spot reduction. It appears to be particularly effective for those looking to achieve quick and noticeable results.




1MHzの高周波技術により、身体を素早く温めることができ、他のマシンよりも効果的です。 この急速な温めは、さまざまな用途にメリットがあります。












Elite Bodyは、海外で唯一ハイパーナイフ6最新モデルを導入したジムです。また、ワムジャパンより海外優良店認定を受けており、これはメーカー推奨水準を超えたサロンの知識・技術が認められた証です。


Elite Bodyのトリートメントは、体の仕組みを熟知した資格を有するパーソナルトレーナーによって行われます。リンパドレナージュ手法を取り入れ、老廃物、水分を効率的に流し、脂肪を減らし、セルライトを除去します。

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