Yukari Inukai

A mother of two, I never thought I would be able to achieve my fitness goals. But through hard work, dedication, and the amazing support of my trainers from Elite Body, I'm feeling stronger and healthier than ever!...
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SA lost 4.6kg and 6.3% body fat in 2 months SAは2か月で4.6kgと6.3%の体脂肪落としました。
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Mr MG. lost 5% body fat and gain 2kg muscles in 3 months.     MGさんは3ヶ月で2キロの筋肉量増加、体脂肪率5%減らしました。
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Mr K

Mr K lost 4% body fat and 5kg in weight in 3 months.Despite his busy work schedule and numerous business trips every month, He was disciple enough to make time to cook his own meal....
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Sheldon Hunter Goh

Sheldon lost 23kg and 14% body fat in 6 months! シェルドンは6ヶ月で23kgと14%の体脂肪を失いました! When he first started, he was on medication for his high blood pressure which he had been suffering from for many years. He often felt...
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In just 3 months, his body became more toned and define.  わずか3か月で、彼の体はよりトーンアップし、よりメリハリのある身体に。  When we first met, his exercise were mainly cardio.  His diet wasn't very good and a lot of alcohol intake. He wanted...
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Mr C

In 9 days, he dropped 5% body fat, increased 3kg muscle mass! 9日間で、体脂肪が5%減少し、筋肉量が3kg増加しました。 彼は毎日、トレーニングとサイクリングをしていた。しかし、彼は結果に満足していませんでした。彼の筋肉を適切に回復させるために、彼の食事と休息日を調べました。 彼は食事と健康的な間食のタイミングを厳守しました。...
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Satuki lost 6kg and 11% of body fat in 5 months. She had a lot of business entertainment, drinks and heavy dinner daily. That was one of the biggest obstacle towards a healthy lifestyle. But we manage to make some...
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Kumiko was overweight all her life. She never believed that she could ever lose weight. After she starts training at Elite Body, she managed to lose 10kg and 11% of body fat in 5 months!...
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Araya lost 11kg and 5% body fat, increased muscle mass in 2 months あらやさんは2ヶ月の間に体重11キロ減、体脂肪率5%減、更に大幅に筋肉量を増やしました。
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