Moe Imasaka

Moe was slim to begin with, but she had a hard time losing her belly fats. She also wanted to have well tone buttocks that looks good in her tight jeans and bikini.


She was very determined to change her diet and willing to cook her own meals everyday. She did all her home workout diligently everyday on top of her twice a week training at the gym. 

In a very short time, her belly fats were visibly gone and abs became more define.



And of course, she worked really hard on her butt lifting exercises as well! She now enjoy wearing her bikinis even more!


One of her dream is to become a mother. She had irregular menstruation cycle and was not confident if she will be able to conceive. But probably with her healthier lifestyle and watching her diet carefully, she managed to conceive her first child!



Now she is determine to look good during her pregnancy. We changed the training program to pre-natal training. In order to train safely, she needs to strengthen her pelvic floor muscle and Transverse abs first. 

She continued to train twice a week and doing some self workout at home. She was very disciplined to work on her pelvic floor and transverse abs, this is very important. 

Everyone complimented her that she looks amazing even when she was at her third trimester!




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