ALICE 桑垣アリス夏季

Alice came for wedding preparation program. At first, she was reluctant to remove her favourite food from her daily life such as having beer and snacking every night. 

But time was very limited as her wedding was in 3 months.

She stopped drinking beer and snacking completely, and even cooked a balance meal on her own everyday.


She was then hooked on tough training and started to workout everyday on her own during her free time.

Drinking plenty of water has became her habit too.

By her wedding day, she has already lost 5% of her body fat and her posture improved tremendously.


From her balanced diet and increased water intake, her skin condition has improved too!

On the wedding day itself, we design for her some exercises specially to tone up her arm and back just to magnify the definition of her body when she wears her wedding gown.


After her wedding, she was determined to have six packs. She was almost there and she got pregnant! :-)

We quickly changed our training program to pre-natal training. 

We worked carefully to strengthen her pelvic floor, transverse abs, glute and back muscles.

彼女の結婚式の後、彼女は腹筋を6つに割りたいという願望を持ちほぼゴールに近い時点で彼女は妊娠しました! :-)





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