Kumiko was overweight all her life. She never believed that she could ever lose weight. After she starts training at Elite Body, she managed to lose 10kg and 11% of body fat in 5 months!


くみこさんは幼少期から太り気味で、それもあってダイエットで成功するわけがないと自信が持てずにいました。Elite Bodyに入会を決心され、わずか5ヶ月で10キロと体脂肪率11%落とすことに成功した事実は、本人にとって大きな自信につながりました。


She followed every detail of her diet and snacks as advised. 

Even during the business trip, she never failed to send her meal report and to do self workout in the hotel.



She had never done any sports or exercise in her entire life. But now she can do a lot of advance exercise movements.



Even after she reached her desired weight and body fat %, she continues her training every week.

With consistent training and changes in her daily diet, her muscle mass and metabolism has increased. After 3 years, she is still maintaining her beautiful figure while she enjoys eating out with friends occasionally. 






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