Sheldon Hunter Goh

Sheldon lost 23kg and 14% body fat in 6 months! シェルドンは6ヶ月で23kgと14%の体脂肪を失いました!


When he first started, he was on medication for his high blood pressure which he had been suffering from for many years. He often felt giddy and starts to have headache when exercise.




He followed his diet plan properly, and did self workout at home too.




He will always feel nausea and giddiness at the beginning, but as his stamina and strength improves, he never feel it anymore



Off the high blood medication after few months of diet changes and consistent exercise. 



He is now maintaining his body very well and his body do not accumulate body fats easily like last time due to a higher metabolism he has now. 

After more than a year, he still continues to train at least 3 times a week to keep up with his healthy lifestyle!





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