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Elite Body for the 3rd year in a roll, our gym has gotten the prestigious award of excellence in Hyper Knife treatment. We are incredibly proud to be the best in the business, earning the trust of our valued customers and showcasing our exceptional skills.

We are thrilled to be the only salon outside of Japan to received this distinguished honour. This recognition further underscores our commitment to delivering top notch services and pushing boundaries of quality in the fitness industry.

Hyper Knife Fitness

Discover Hyper Knife Fitness, a cutting-edge Japanese technology operating at an impressive 1MHz high frequency. This rapid warm-up makes Hyper Knife one of the quickest routes to achieving instant results.

  • Flushes toxins and reduces fat cells swiftly, targeting deep within fat cells for rapid changes.
  • Eases muscle tension for efficient toxin elimination, especially effective against stubborn cellulite.
  • Rejuvenates collagen cells when applied to the face, enhancing skin condition significantly after just one session.

The machine's pinpoint accuracy with controlled heat allows for spot reduction, quick temperature reach, improved circulation, and lymphatic flow. Elite Body proudly presents the newest model Hyper Knife 6, the only one in Singapore and exclusive outside Japan. We are also the only gym that holds the "Excellent Store Overseas" certification from Wamu Japan, a testament to our advanced knowledge and skills. Our treatment not only involves qualified Personal Trainers but also employs the lymphatic drainage method for efficient fat loss and cellulite clearance.

Bodybuilding competitors are increasingly embracing Hyper Knife radio frequency treatments as a strategic addition to their preparation for competitions. This cutting-edge procedure combines advanced technology and lymphatic drainage techniques to deliver a comprehensive array of benefits, particularly when administered just one day before the competition. Here's a more detailed breakdown of the advantages:

Accelerated Muscle Definition

Hyper Knife treatments help expedite the process of enhancing muscle definition, ensuring that competitors showcase their hard-earned muscles at their peak.

Efficient Waste Product Removal

By utilizing lymphatic drainage techniques, these treatments efficiently eliminate waste products from the body, ensuring a cleaner and more defined appearance on stage.

Reduction in Water Retention

Competitors can experience a significant reduction in excess water retention, which can obscure muscle definition. This is crucial for achieving that dry and chiseled look.

Body Fat Reduction

Radio frequency treatments can also aid in reducing body fat, which is especially beneficial in the final stages of competition preparation.

Enhanced Physique

The combination of these benefits results in a significantly enhanced physique, giving competitors a distinct advantage in terms of their aesthetic presentation on stage.

Incorporating radio frequency treatments into their regimen, especially when timed effectively, allows bodybuilding competitors to optimize their appearance, making them stand out and potentially giving them a winning edge in the competitive world of bodybuilding.

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Hyper Knife Fitness


革新的な日本の技術、「ハイパーナイフ」 を体験してみてください


脂肪細胞を瞬時に溶解: 1MHz高周波が脂肪 細胞の奥深くまで届き、毒素を排出しながら脂肪細胞を急速に減らします。

セルライトにも効果的: 筋肉の緊張をほぐし、しつこいセルライトにも効果的に毒素を排出し、引き締まったボディへと導きます。

たった1回の使用でハリのある肌へ: フェイスケアにも使用可能。コラーゲン細胞を活性化し、たった1回の使用で肌の状態が大幅に向上します。


マシンはピンポイントな正確さとコントロールされた熱で、部分痩せ、素早い温度上昇、血行促進、リンパの流れ改善を実現します。Elite Bodyは、シンガポールで唯一、日本以外で独占販売されている最新モデル「ハイパーナイフ6」を紹介いたします。私たちは、ワムジャパンより海外で優良認定店の認定を受けた唯一のジムでもあり、高度な知識と技術の証しとなっています。当社の施術は、資格を持ったパーソナルトレーナーによるケアだけでなく、リンパドレナージュ手法を用いて効率的な脂肪燃焼とセルライト排除を実現します。












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